About Us

Our Story: 

Decoris is a Latin word that translates to 'Beauty' in English.  Decoris Beauty And Wellness LLP, the holding company of www.mydecoris.com has been created by the husband - wife duo of Dr. Vishal Anand and Dr. Meena Singh with the aim of assisting all you awesome people out their to be your most beautiful self.


Our Approach:

It is to bring the world's best-selling Beauty, Skin-care and Wellness products to our esteemed customers (The Decoris Family as we love to call you) at most fair prices coupled with an awesome buying experience.


Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is Skin first. We believe it is what inside you that only get reflected in outwardly appearances. So it's more about prevention than cure. We make great efforts to select the products that fits this philosophy of ours. We realise that each individual is unique, so we are committed to help you make most informed decisions about your buying choices that will suit you to the core.


Our Commitment:

On our part, we promise to bring you only the  authentic products that are bestsellers in their respective categories all over and bring them at most fair prices. We continually strive to procure our products directly from manufacturers so that we can pass on the price benefits to you. After all, why should the secrets of modern skincare and wellness sciences be limited to an elite few?


Our Promise:

It is our promise to be socially responsible and only offer the products that are cruelty free and environment friendly. 

Decoris is all about beauty. To be more precise, it's about 'Beautiful YOU.' 
Each one of us is beautiful in our own unique way; it’s a gift of God bestowed upon us and it's our duty to protect, take good care and enhance this precious gift of God. 
A healthy, beautiful body can only be home to a beautiful soul. Our skin is our outermost layer, our first line of defence against the forces of nature in excess. 
Impeccability needs continued efforts and owning a flawless skin is no exception. 
And it always starts with having to know about our own self and our special needs.
Then only one can make the optimum use of the advances of modern Science been made in the field of beauty and skinology.
With this vision in mind, MyDecoris.com was incepted; To help people know about their unique beauty and skincare needs and be able to make those informed decisions and not blindly fall for marketing gimmicks that are offered in abundance by the forces of market today.
Because all that glitters is not gold and not every beautiful bottle contains that magic formula that would suit or even transform every skin.
The market today is overwhelmingly crowded with online and offline spaces selling magic filled formulas in pretty packages but none tells or rather enlightens its customers about what would be best for them or what they actually need.
This is exactly where mydecoris.com is playing to be a disruptive force.
No one knows better about you than your own self, decoris is here to help you attain that knowledge- to know about the needs of your body, your skin in a better way. 
Scientific and technological advancements are moving at lightening pace, the science of skin is no exception. At Decoris, we continuously try to keep pace with them and help our family of clients, that we happily call 'MyDecoris Family' walk along gracefully and beautifully. 
The mission of MyDecoris.com is to help you be your most beautiful self, Inside-Out.
Rest assured, we are continuously working to bring only the authentic bestsellers from around the world at most fair prices hassle free onto your doorsteps. After all, why should the largest number of youth population present on this beautiful planet be denied of the advancements of Science in the field of beauty, skincare and wellbeing? Don’t they deserve to look their most beautiful self?
And because beauty also comes from within, as its care is ideally a holistic approach, we have also incorporated Yoga & Meditation into our bouquet of offerings available on our platform in addition to a great collection of blogs, articles, tips and write ups to suit individual needs.
Last but not the least, we are committed to dedicate a part of our earnings to the most important cause of today, that is to help our mother earth regain its beauty and health.
We therefore are simultaneously involved in eco friendly activities and incorporate the same in all the endeavours we undertake at Decoris.
We heartily invite you to be a precious member of "My Decoris Family".
Welcome aboard folks! Let’s walk this beautiful path together.