Men and Skincare: It's time to set priorities right.

Traditionally, men do not pay much attention to their skincare, it has been washing their face at the beginning of the day and that's all about it.


But it is the year 2021and taking cues from the female partners, more and more informed men are aggressively pursuing a healthier skincare regime. Therefore this is absolutely the right time for you too to take a hard look at your skincare routine or perhaps to start one if there's none.


It's all about taking good care of your skin based on facts. 


And the first fact is - you must know about your skin type and begin to act accordingly.


Although men's skin is thicker than that of women’s,  as there are many other differences too, basically both have same skin types. 


Therefore it's pertinent to know your skin type; whether its-


Sensitive Skin- If your skin burns or if it often stings after the use of a product, you've got a sensitive skin.


Normal Skin- If you don't normally have a skin problem and your skin is generally clear, your's skin type is normal.


Dry Skin- If you find your skin to be dry, rough or flaky, you've got a dry skin type.


Oily Skin- Men who often find their faces to be shining and greasy have got an oily skin for sure.


Combination Skin- When your skin is dry in some areas and oily in others, you can consider your skin type to be combination of dry and oily type.


Now once you have figured out your skin type, it gets easier to select the products accordingly.


Here are the tips to consider: 


When you buy a skincare product, choose it keeping in mind your skin type. 


For example, if your skin is acne prone, always go for 'oil free moisturisers and cleansers' as they will not clog your pores further.

Men with sensitive skin must buy products that are mild and 'fragrance free' as harsh and fragrant products can cause irritation and dryness to their already sensitive skin. But beware that 'unscented product' are not same as 'fragrance free' ones and ensure that they are not containing any masked fragrances under their hood.


Get rid of the soap. 


Many men have the habit of not washing their face often and even if they do so, they use whatever soap they can lay their hands on without realising that regular soap bars contain harsh chemicals that can be quite damaging to their skin. Therefore it is better to buy a mild face cleanser. Also they must make it a point to wash their face with lukewarm water for better cleansing.


Pay special attention while you shave. 


To minimise the effect of a shaving razor on your skin, you must use a moisturising shaving cream, but before that you must also moisten your face with water.

Also, you must avoid using multi blade razor as it can cause more harm than good (a double blade razor is good enough) and stroke it in the direction of hair growth and not against it.


Moisturise on a daily basis.


You must make it a routine to use a good moisturiser on a damp skin or face such as after a bath or shave.

This will actually make your skin look brighter and healthier in addition to reducing the fine lines.


Always watch for any change in skin.


Look for new spots, moles etc. especially when they might begin to cause a discomfort. Consultant a dermatologist if that's the case.


Apply sunscreen, not only when going outdoors but also when in shade. 


It will prevent from a lot of damage - from ageing to skin cancer.

Also apply generous sunscreen not only to your face but to all the exposed areas such as neck, ears, lips etc. 


Which sunscreen to buy? 


A broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with SPF of 30 or above is good enough to use. Also, sunscreen must be applied every two hours if the weather is hot and there is much sweating.


All the above points can help anyone in setting a healthy skincare routine that will ensure a radiant and youthful skin that every man deserve.


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