How to Know Your Skin Type

How to Know Your Skin Type


1- What are different skin types?

- The different skin types includes- dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive skin.


2- What is the need to know your skin type?

- Because it is the first step towards your skin care. It helps you make an informed decision about your skincare protection.


- Through simple observation and some simple tests-


Physical observation: 


  1. - Oily Skin- Shiny and greasy
  2. Dry Skin- Dull, rough, flaky or even scaly
  3. Normal Skin- Balanced- neither dry nor oily with smooth uniform texture and small pores.
  4. Combination- Oily T zone with dry or normal cheeks.
  5. Sensitive Skin- Itchy, dry, red skin with burning sensation. Sensitive to certain ingredients like fragrances and dyes as well as environmental factors.




You can home test your skin type-


If you wash your face with a gentle cleanser ,pat dry it and wait for an hour, if:


  • It shines after sometimes- Its an oily skin
  • Its light, flaky or scaly- its a dry skin type
  • It shines on the T zone- Its a combination skin
  • It feels comfortable and hydrated- Its a normal skin that you have got.


Blotting Paper Test-


You cleanse and pat dry your face and after say, half an hour, you use blotting sheets at various parts of your face and observe it for the oil markings-


If there are abundant oil marks over it- It is an oily skin

If there are no trace of oil- It is a dry skin

If there is oil in the T zone- It is a combination skin

If it has minimum oil throughout- It is a normal skin. 


So this was how you can recognise your skin type all by yourself. 


But the good news is, no matter what skin type you possess, we have the best products for you to choose from…