A beginner's guide to Double Cleansing

A beginner's guide to Double Cleansing
Let's start with a metaphor:
Consider your face as a canvas. Anything and everything you put on the canvas of your face are the shades of paints.
But makeup is not the only colour or shade you wear, your face is also painted by pollutants, dirt and lot many invisible traces.
It's always good to start or end your day with a clear canvas so that you can paint beautiful pictures of your beauty day after day.
This is why we need double cleansing and the process starts the previous night.
What's double cleansing?
It's removing all the dirt, makeup, pollutants from your skin with a two step method before you go to bed or at the beginning of a fresh day.
In the first step, you lift and grime the dirt or makeup, washing your face with an oil based cleanser and then wipe them off gently.
In the second step, you use a good, gentle lathering cleanser and then wash your face with water.
It must be noted here that it's better to wash your face low to high because that's the natural orientation of the follicles of your face.
What are the benefits of double cleansing?
Well, it helps you remove every layer of the makeup, allowing the cleanser to truly cleanse you skin in the second step.
Any good product that you may apply later can then penetrate deeper and work its magic on your skin.
Removing dirt and pollutants from your face at the end of the day is as important as removing the traces of your makeup as they both can suffocate and damage your skin by breaking down the natural collagen and causing the development of spots, wrinkles and acne.
It must also be noted that double cleansing is particularly helpful for those with oily skin and problems of acne.
People with dry skin can be cautious so that it is helpful in removing the makeup but won't over dry the skin.
Here is a list of best products that can help you double cleanse your way to Happy and healthy skin.
For First step, the oil based cleansers:
For second step, the gentle cleansers: