• Skincare For the Fitness freak!

    There is little doubt that any form of exercising is good for your health and that includes your skin too. Many researches have shown that Yoga can greatly improve one’s overall quality of skin and can also reduce the signs of ageing. Haven’t you heard the term ‘Yoga glow’ being used frequently for someone who’s a serious Yoga practitioner? Another study suggests that endurance exercises as well as aerobic practises also help prevent and reduce the signs of ageing in the skin.
  • CBD and Skincare

    There is an old saying that ‘everything happens at the right time’. Another one says that ‘Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.’ In the world of beauty, skin care and wellness, it seems that the time of CBD has arrived. After living in oblivion for centuries with a bad name that was wrongfully attached to it, this wonder plant of the ancient India that once was held in high esteem in the times of Sages and Rishies, a plant that is found mentioned in sacred texts by the name of ‘Vijaya’ -the victorious (must be because of its versatility, sturdily and mysterious healing qualities) is again regaining the respect that it always deserved.
  • Why our skin care routine needs continuous adaptation.

    Human life cycle consists of different stage- from adolescence to the dawn of teenage, through the bright adulthood and then into sunset of senior ...
  • A Cheat Sheet For People With Ageing Skin

    Only three ingredient and a consistent routine for a few months is all it will take to make the revival of your skin possible and to regain that yo...
  • 5 Best CosRx Products In India That Any Self Proclaimed Skin Lover Must Try

    CosRx is the best known Korean skincare brand that today is widely known for its straight to the point formulas that they pack in some straight loo...
  • Skincare For Men: Getting rid of excessive oil, acne & pimples

    The above mentioned problems are equally common if not more, in men than their women counterparts.It's only traditionally that boys tend to be less...
  • 7 Top Best Selling (Most Loved) The Ordinary Products in India 2021

      The Science of skincare has taken big strides in recent years especially since 'skin first' approach came doing the rounds internationally.  In ...
  • Men and Skincare: It's time to set priorities right.

    Traditionally, men do not pay much attention to their skincare, it has been washing their face at the beginning of the day and that's all about it....
  • CBD For Yoga Practitioners and Sportsmen

    Although CBD and CBD based products might look like new kid on the block, its usage can be traced back to ancient times in India where it still can...
  • How to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne?

    Finally able to get rid of those pesky pimples but were left to deal with those really annoying dark spots on your face. Don’t fret these dark mark...
  • A beginner's guide to Double Cleansing

    A beginner's guide to Double Cleansing
    Let's start with a metaphor:
    Consider your face as a canvas. Anything and everything you put on the canvas of your face are the shades of paints.
  • How to Know Your Skin Type

    How to Know Your Skin Type

    What are different skin types?

    The different skin types includes- dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive skin.